Donor Transparency Guidelines

A high level of integrity and credibility underlying national standards for health and wellness coaches is vital for the field to develop and reach its full potential. The Consortium’s development process for standards is based upon best practices that have emerged from the lessons learned by other new health professions.

We depend upon our volunteers and donors to generously offer their full wisdom and experience to guide our initiatives. At the same time, it is vital that Consortium volunteers and donors are not able to exert special interests and influences that may conflict with a high integrity process. As a result, we are following the guidelines below:

  1. In order to build trust and convey transparency in our agenda, ideally donors will be willing to have their names listed on our public website. Transparency is important for corporate donors given the perceived risk of undue influence.
  2. In the case of individual donors, the option for privacy and confidentiality may be important. On the donor form a donor can choose to not be listed on the Consortium’s public website in order to maintain privacy.
  3. The Consortium’s board of directors will have access to the full donor list, both those who chose a public listing and those who did not.
  4. The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse or return a donation that is deemed to be in conflict with our mission, vision, or ethics.