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ICHWC needs your help! Here are a few ways you can become involved.

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As the only non-profit (501-c6) organization with the objectives of advancing the health and wellness coaching profession, developing national standards and providing a national certification, ICHWC could not achieve its important work without the contributions of its supporters. ICHWC requests your assistance in expanding this circle of support to coaches, health care organizations, wellness firms, corporations, and other charitable agencies.

Becoming an ICHWC supporter is an easy, charitable and tax-supported means to accomplishing the goal of facilitating healthful lifestyle improvement everywhere.

ICHWC aims to make this website be a leading center disseminating news, research, articles and other useful information for professional health and wellness coaching. Invite others to visit the website and share the information.


ICHWC needs large and small donations in order to continue our work. Whether you contribute as an individual, a non-profit, or a large organization, we need your support. When you make a donation, you will be listed on the website and invited to participate in forthcoming summits.

Donations may be made through this website and all donations are tax deductible.

If you wish to donate by check, please make the check payable to ICHWC and send to:

PO Box 16307
San Diego, CA 92176