Program Approval

Transition Phase

To enable health and wellness coach training and education programs to adapt their programs to meet the standards for ICHWC Program Approval, ICHWC is implementing a Transition Phase for Program Approval to be followed by Permanent Phase Approval.

Transition Phase Requirements for ICHWC Program Approval

A list of Approved Transition Programs is available below. Program approval will expire after the Permanent Phase is established.

(Please note: As soon as the Permanent Phase is launched, an application will be available to apply for Permanent Approval. All programs that are Transitionally Approved will need to reapply during this time. The application date for the Permanent Phase is projected to be available in Spring 2018.)

Programs were approved during the Transition Phase if they demonstrated the following:

  • Students were required to learn and practice coaching tasks in all four domains of the Job Task Analysis (JTA) in a minimum of 30 real-time, synchronous contact hours of training and education classes or sessions. Details on the four domains of the Job Task Analysis are in this document.
  • Programs delivered an assessment of a student’s demonstration of practical skills.
Approved Transition Programs

The following health and wellness coach training and education programs are ICHWC-Approved Transition Programs. Those programs with an asterisk require additional completion of an ICHWC-Approved additional training requirement for graduates to be eligible to sit for the Health & Wellness Coach Certifying Examination.

For Coaches:

Please contact your program directly to find out your status and to determine if you need to complete an additional requirement.

A certificate of additional training requirement completion as well as a certificate of program completion will be required when applying for the HWC Certifying Examination. If your program does not issue a Certificate of Completion with the ICHWC logo, the ICHWC staff will contact your program director to verify eligibility to sit for the HWC Certifying Examination.

Academic Credit Programs

Permanent Phase Requirements for ICHWC Program Approval

Once the Permanent Phase application process opens in Spring 2018, health and wellness coach training and education programs may apply for ICHWC program approval. The application fee is yet to be determined.

Click the links below to read the Permanent Phase Requirements:

Faculty Requirements
Training and Education Hours Requirements


As you are developing your program, we also encourage you to review the HWC Certifying Examination Content Outline.