Vision & Mission

ICHWC Vision

We envision that competent health and wellness coaching will act as a powerful force to facilitate healthy lifestyle change and improved quality of life. We believe as people use coaching to build healthier habits, these positive changes will become synergistic and spread, causing many aspects of our world to transform.

ICHWC Mission

The mission of the ICHWC is to support individuals in improving their health and well-being, preventing and managing chronic disease, making important health decisions and optimizing their lifestyles to achieve their best possible overall well-being. That mission is pursued through the following three-pronged approach:

To Integrate

To integrate knowledgeable, skilled and credentialed professional health and wellness coaches into the healthcare system who facilitate lasting change of mindsets and behaviors to improve the health and well-being of individuals.

To Support

To support integration of basic coaching skills into the practices of health professions, so that healthcare providers are better able to catalyze and support engagement in health-enhancing lifestyles.

To Advance

To advance a collaborative research agenda and compile evidence on best practices. This would allow for refinement and further evaluation of health coaching methodology, as well as inform training and education practices.